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Nov 12, 2015: Open the music to you. Where are you? You are not in your body. Your body is in you. Receive the music that reaches all the way into you. Ignore the body’s reception. Go deeper. Let the music touch you. Let go of the shell you are using. Trust. Let it be. This music may be the touchstone to truth for you. Not many go this far. If you do, you are rare and will be gifted with being – being conscious – conscious of pureness of joy and newness of life, of love, of undying beauty. Or you may find another way. If you will find a way, you WILL find it. This is only one suggestion.

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Native American Flute, Music for Yoga and Bill Webb Jazz:  These three categories will guide you to the type of music you like. Albums of Native American Flute music includes many Native and world flutes, hand drums, harps, stringed instruments, other World instruments and keyboards. Music for Yoga is similar, but selections listed are most appropriate for Yoga, massage or similar sessions. Bill Webb Jazz is everything else. Bill composes music with a jazz, rock, blues, experimental or way out there flavor. All Bill Webb music is original and inspired from the heart of love.

The Music Store allows you to scroll through the entire selection of original albums at Bill Webb Music and purchase CD or MP3 versions. A page will be forthcoming that has the albums listed in the three categories. You can always go to Spotify or your favorite music site and hear any and all albums by Bill Webb.

Soundcloud will soon be the site to stream and purchase all Bill Webb Music. Of course, all Bill Webb albums and MP3s are available at most music stores: iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.

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