Spiritual Poetry

Yesterday I woke up and thought, What a fool I've been all my life.
Today I woke up and realized, God is no fool.
Now I wake up and know the truth,
I Am that which I have been missing.

There is nothing to let go of, so I let go of nothing;
There is nothing to hold on to, so I hold on to nothing.

There are no thoughts to conquer,
No minds to change,
No perceptions to alter,
No beliefs to arrange.

No fears to work through,
Nor defects to reprove;
Only Infinite Holy Wisdom,
The mountain's already moved.

Mind is servant,not master.
Ouch! Say the senses,
This feeling is so real;
Scream! Says the mind,
This pain is the Deal.

Some other voice,
Quietly near;
Speaks of Peace,
Solidly dear.

Damn! Says the mind,
This is the shits;
Trapped in a box,
With nothing but my wits.

Some other voice,
Whispering still;
Moves me on over,
To surrender my will.

Nothing to give up
Save 'nothing' itself,
Its self is nothing,
Nothingness stealth.

"Cunning", you say,
And I say, "No more!"
For nothing is nothing,
No power, no score.

The tally is lost,
Dissolved into space,
It never was, but,
A conjured disgrace.

'Dis' is not a thing,
A substance or power;
Grace is the real,
The opening of a flower.
H.O.W. (Honesty - Open-mindedness - Willingness)

Never again read a label,
The words of a fable;
Couched in a logic
That's fatally toxic.

To mind stayed on self,
It's human desires;
Those words are a tonic,
Fueling greater fires.

Rise from the ash pit
Of self's myriad needs,
And find they are nothing,
But concepts and reeds.

No day to look toward,
Do it now!
And now be forever,
For now you know how.


The piano was born:
Beethovan's concert dream;
It took me by surprise.
I fell into its seam.

There between the fabric
Of note and wood and string,
My heart poured out its essence,
As time began its sting.

I moved along a path
Many before me trod,
And thought I was unique,
Ignoring Ludwig's nod.

In crimson robes I shone
As bright as any star,
The legacy concealed
Behind my flashy garb.

I reached out to conquer
And pull into my soul,
An ubiquitous nothing
That would make me whole.

Now I behold His face,
From long before my time;
As my true identity,
Secret and sublime.

The legacy I carry
With no beginning, no end;
Is the Soul of Now,
Infinity portend.