Many of you know…

Many of you know what is going on in the world. Some of you insist on feeling and sharing Love above all circumstances. Sharing Love is not just for crises. It is for all times and all events. Love is the key to our inheritance. Let us claim it now. Once claimed, there is an outpouring of Love from inside our own being. This is the best way to help our fellow man. This journey is for all of us. Through Love it is a happy, joyous and free one. Lopeha (love, peace, harmony) to all.

“Hey, ah, it’s the way!”

Season Three is coming next week: Oct 23, 2019

Unbleievably accurate expression of infinite love, peace and harmony through music.  Words cannot conquer.  The music reaches the Soul of all wisdom and lifts you to higher consciousness.  Enjoy the preview of the Native American Flute Music audio podcast saeson three.  Enjoy each weekly 30 min episode published on wednesdays at 7 pm xst.

Final Episode; Season 2> Tell us what you have realized.

Have you realized Love, Peace and Harmony?  Or any amount of it?  Have the NAF and Dream Pictures podcasts or music and spoken word been enjoyable?  Have they led to further realizations of your birthright?  Or is it all popplycock?  Poppycock.  I like that old timey word as it simply means, ‘nonsense’.  Whatever you think is fine with me.  I just like to hear from you no matter what your experience, as long as it is your experience and not just some poppycock..   he he.

Come Inside

Listen to the song, “Come Inside at one of three places: It is the first song in the Native American Flute Music podcast Season 2 Ep 23. It is on Youtube in the video version of the same 30 minute podcast , or on Youtube as a 5 minute music video. It will be right here on the first page under, “Featured Video” or in the Video tab link on Sept. 30, 2019. I appreciate your comments and reactions on the song, “Come Inside” It is also available on the album, “Light of Day” by Knight published in 2009 and still available in most stores CD or MP3. Bill

Love, Love, Love. I Love You.

WHen the Beatles wrote Love, Love, Love as the beginning to “All You Need is Love”, they were inspired by what they encountered in India. Whether they knew it or not, they were melding “I” “Love” and “You” as one entity, because I, You and Love are all the same so why not say Love, Love, Love. I am you. You are Love. I am Love. You am I, am Love. I AM LOVE. Say it. Practice it. See where that takes us…to new dimensions more wonderful than any of our human planning has ever created.