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The Original Native American Flute Album

The first Native American Flute Album is still the most popular.  From 2005, its melodies and spirit of Love, Peace and Harmony are timeless. Two of the songs are featured in the videos section in the video, “Native American Flute Music Podcast Sample”, ‘Awakening’ and ‘By the Pond’. View the video.  Listen to the podcast, NAF S2 Ep 11 and comment here.  Let the love pour out!  Bill Webb

Listen and see an oldie Native American Flute Music podcast

Hear it or see the video version of Native American Flute Music podcast, 1st season, Episode 3. It is really good and the video sinks really well with the podcast. I am in the hospital all this week sharing Love, Peace and Harmony with patients and staff as they test me for cancer. I recommend the video version. It is also on Youtube. Enjoy! Please comment. Infinite love to you.


Sing this to yourself: The LOPEHA Song:
Love, peace, harmony flow so gently. Be still and quietly, let it come from me.
No longer hide the light inside, as it comes from me.

The Native American Flute is a healing instrument.

The first flute I received cured me of a high fever and flu in ywenty minutes. All I did was play, and I had no lessons or flute skills at the time. True, I was already a professional musician and had been for many years. But the flute was new. Twenty minutes and all my flu symptoms disappeared. I did not expect this to happen. No one had ever suggested the flute would heal. Now, experience it for yourself. Listen to the podcasts, esp. S2 Ep 3. THen consider playing the flute yourself, whether you are a musicina or not. Make sure you get a flute made of wood.